Real Estate Video Marketing Ideas to Get in Front

Why should you invest time in your real estate video marketing content? Because video has completely taken over the internet. According to Mechanic, there are 3.25 billion hours of video watched on YouTube Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number every month! Video content is the most engaging and easily consumable form of content and can be very beneficial in building your credibility and brand in your market when used correctly. In a world with smartphones, Facebook Live, GIF, Vine and Boomerang creation tools, territory belongs to all who own it. And that everyone includes real estate agents and investors. As Hub spot reports, “90% of users say product videos are helpful in the decision-making process.” And real estate is about helping people make BIG decisions.

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The process of buying a house is not easy. At least not for the inexperienced home buyer. While most buyers have an idea of ​​what they want in a home, they don’t know the potential dangers they face, the kinds of things that enhance a home’s value, or the kind of time frame they’re looking for. should expect when buying a home. But… they would like to know these things. Short, informal videos offering advice to the homeboy are not only helpful, they establish your brand as an expert in answering your prospect’s questions and eventually selling their home. Here is an example of on-the-job content from Andrew Lamb Real Estate Experts. Home sellers want to know the best way to showcase their home in photos online.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number
Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number

Of course, this is just one example of what home sellers want or need to know before moving forward. Fortunately, you have all (or almost) the answers. In Beth Day’s video below, for example, she uses her knowledge of what sells and what doesn’t to build a successful relationship with her potential clients. The whiteboard video is for the coach, the person who likes to illustrate ideas with a dry erase marker in their hand. At Carrot, whiteboard videos are one of our closest companions. Trevor Mauch, our CEO, brings them together, teaching on topics ranging from optimizing your marketing budget to website design. As an example to inspire yours, however, this is one of our favorites: Anatomy of a High-Converting Real Estate Landing Page.

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