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I recently attended a research conference and had the opportunity to converse. With attendees from a Ukraine Mobile Number wide range of fields. With varying seo backgrounds and experiences. After many interesting and engaging conversations, one thing to remember stood out for me. People are hooked on the technical metrics of seo. I remember several questions such as. What is your minimum threshold for trust flow. Or “ok, you’re getting Ukraine Mobile Number relevant links, but what’s the average domain authority. I shared my observation with our sales team upon my return, and they confirmed that it was a common theme among their contacts. It seems my peers in the seo industry have noticed this trend as well. While i think seo metrics such as domain authority or trust flow are important and useful.

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I also think they require context – and there’s more to tell when it comes to evaluate link leads. Link acquisition is a nuanced and difficult practice. But i want to address my own perspective Ukraine Mobile Number on the link metrics that lead to securing real links that will make a lasting difference. Relevance the number one key to acquiring useful links is relevance. Relevance provides both a starting point for evaluating your campaign and an ongoing guide. Above all other factors, relevance should Ukraine Mobile Number be the north star of your link campaign. Seos tend to get caught up in technical metrics. (domain authority, pagerank, trust flow, anchor text, co-citation, etc.) and think only of google’s algorithm. But if you’re looking for links purely from an seo perspective, you’re going to make mistakes.

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Serious mistakes. For example, consider moz’s domain authority (da). Domain authority is a useful metric and provides a useful barometer for assessing a site’s perceived authority. But moz is not google; moz has a much smaller web index. Domain authority Ukraine Mobile Number does not directly equate to pagerank, let alone the hundreds of other factors that google uses to rate a given site. Judging sites solely by domain authority is a mistake. Seos may obsess over domain authority and associate Ukraine Mobile Number da with site quality, but that’s just not the way this metric should be used. On the contrary, as nick eubanks points out, domain authority works best as an indicator of ranking potential. Moz itself agrees with this assessment that da is a high-level metric for assessing ranking potential.

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