Reflect on design Spain Phone Number consistency

Our group has published the first version of the design specification about half a year ago, including both interaction and visual aspects (motion effects are also slightly involved). It mainly stipulates the interface layout principle, the form of the control and the calling rules. In the past six months, following this set of norms, the overall work efficiency of the group has indeed improved.

But there are a few times when product planning “challenges” design specifications, they think that a certain function/interface made under the guidance of the existing specifications is not ideal, and want to make some changes away from the specifications. At first we refused because it would undoubtedly increase our design and maintenance costs. Therefore, the group has been working hard to maintain the design specifications and remains unmoved.

But sometimes when I look at the interface made in accordance with the design specifications, I always feel that the experience will be a little interesting, and I always feel that it is a little off. I took a good Spain Phone Number look at it last weekend, got some eyebrows, and sorted it out to share with you.

But I might have to spit out a little bit of knowledge first:

1. Why Consistency

In general, it is mainly beneficial to both the product development team and the user.

1. For the development team

(1) Reuse resources to reduce design costs

The same resource will be used Spain Phone Number in many different interfaces. If you see one and redo the other, it will waste the design human resources to a great extent.

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(2) The product style and experience are not easy to cause problems

Because of the reuse of resources, it can basically ensure that the style of the entire product does not deviate, and in terms of user experience, it can at least maintain a consistent level

(3) Newcomers can get started quickly

Consistency is necessary on larger projects where turnover is high. It is easier for newcomers to start work after reading the specification first, and they can also understand the current product faster based on the consistency

(4) The program can improve the development speed

Mainly because of the ability to reuse resources for own use, some interfaces and controls, the program does not even need to find and design resources, and can be directly developed under the guidance of product planning

2. For users

(1) Cognitive unity of interface and functional operation, low learning cost

After being familiar with the main interface/function, you can basically operate freely in other interfaces/functions

For example, if you drive on the right in Beijing, you don’t need to learn it in Shanghai. Because China’s road traffic laws are unified and standardized. If this is not consistent, you will be forced to drive on the left in Shanghai, and you will definitely have to adapt for a while and make mistakes.

(2) Improve operational efficiency

After reducing the cognitive cost, users are easily familiar with the design style of the product, so it is easier to operate and more efficient.

(3) Strengthen product (brand) recognition

It is easy for others to recognize at a glance: oh, this is a product of so-and-so

There are many examples of consistent design in common products. I believe you will see each other every day, so I won’t go into details.

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