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We recently changed our name and will be relaunching Bulgaria Phone Number List in a few weeks – with some great new interviews. The biggest lesson I learned from podcasting is that you just have to ask. Most/all of the guests on my show come through my cold email outreach. I was surprised Bulgaria Phone Number List to find that these experts and professionals were so willing to set aside 30 minutes for a chat. As a content marketer – podcasting is a breeze. I know this may sound arbitrary and goes against the advice of most content marketing experts. However, focusing on one NorthStar metric is key for us. Once our traffic grows — our subscribers grow — our advertiser network grows — our revenue grows.

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It’s no longer a no-brainer, it’s your personal must-have tool Bulgaria Phone Number List Plus, provide your audience with great content – you’ll benefit from networking with influencers and experts. Also, Bulgaria Phone Number List you start to be seen as a thought leader in your field; all you do is chat with other experts. That’s when things started getting interesting, we started getting traffic, and guest contributors started connecting with us. Then my goal is to have 100 unique contributors as soon as possible.

Bulgaria Phone Number List

We hit that goal in 5 months – then I set a bigger goal Bulgaria Phone Number List  (again inspired by Grant Cardone) – to 1000 contributors. It took me over 2 years to finally reach 1000 unique contributors in December 2018. Our network of contributors is constantly growing, and we have no shortage of great content to publish and share with our audience every week. In May 2019, we received over 33,000 pageviews per month. The goal is to reach 330,000 pageviews per month by late summer 2020. As publishers, our traffic is directly related to monetization.


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