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Tracking is everything. First, how can you spend thousands of dollars on behalf. Of your business if you Malaysia Phone Number can’t track results to prove you’ve been successful. Second, if you’re not tracking results, how can you optimize your campaigns by improving Malaysia Phone Number poor-performing ads. Favoring high-performing ads, and using targeting methods like keywords or demographics. Monitoring is often neglected Malaysia Phone Number or poorly maintained; without it, in the long run, most organizations. Won’t allow you to have a budget. And if you can’t prove your results, you’ll get a reputation as a “bad steward.”

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If you use adwords in combination with google analytics (ga). You have the luxury of using “auto-tagging”, where Malaysia Phone Number google automatically adds a parameter with a string to all your ad urls. This unique string is a magic index number that allows ga. And Malaysia Phone Number adwords to find dozens of details about the searcher’s click: city, browser, campaign, ad group, search term, etc. It’s literally just a simple Malaysia Phone Number checkbox that you activate (assuming you go through the multiple steps. Needed to get ga to talk to adwords as well. It’s a bit more of a challenge as you have to set a few things to each end).

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Malaysia Phone Number
Malaysia Phone Number

If you’re using facebook (or linkedin ads, or any display advertising platform) instead. Since they’re not google products, auto-tagging isn’t an option; instead. You must add “utm” codes Malaysia Phone Number for google analytics to interpret them, at the end of each url. It’s a bit painful but it’s crucial. If you do this, you can dice by campaign, source, and medium in google analytics. And you’ll be able to perform attribution Malaysia Phone Number analysis – deciding how much credit to give to early clicks versus later clicks. There are many things that can cause tracking. To fail and credit clicks to (undefined) in google analytics.

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