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However, when you’re creating new content… …we don’t want you to just regurgitate the same exact information as one of your competitors and organize it differently. This won’t separate your content from the competition. The first step to setting your blog apart from the competition is by picking a content topic that people actually like and want to read about. You can see what’s popular and what’s well-received by your  audience by using the various metrics provided in the SEMrush reports that we just showed you. Then, when you find content on a topic you want to write about, come up with some unique ideas for that topic. And, begin to leverage the skyscraper technique.

Now, we’ve talked about the skyscraper technique in the previous posts, but in case you’re new around here… …the skyscraper technique basically tells us to do things bigger and better than the competition. It gets its name from the idea that countries around the world are always competing to see who builds the tallest building. So how do you do this when creating content? Well, if your competition’s content is 3,000 words, we want you to double that and make yours 6,000 words. This may sound like a lot but it’s going to do wonders for your business and your audience. When you do this though, you need to be careful in order for your article to remain effective.

Instead build around those keywords to create amazing

We don’t want you to add filler just so you can reach a set word count. In order to make what you’re doing effective, you need to add more detail. That is compared to what your competitors have in their articles in order to provide your audience with Canada Phone Number more value. Don’t just look at your list of keywords and throw them in wherever you can fit them. Engaging content. When people read your content, they shouldn’t feel the need to look anywhere else on the internet for answers to their questions. That is because you will have already covered all of them in your article. You can get creative with your content too! Don’t feel the need to just write a ton of text.

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Besides, text-only blogs are known to be less effective for your marketing goals and less engaging for your audience. Support what you’re writing about. And we’re not just talking about pictures or videos. Don’t get us wrong, those can be great too and should definitely be included since blogs with images receive 94% more views. But what we’re talking about is custom graphics that you create! Why do this? Because despite the average blog post length being 1,151 words, the average time a reader spends reading a blog post is only 37 seconds! That is an extremely limited attention span given that blog length.

Include other visual elements that provide value to your audience

However, if you provide viewers with more than just text and include: custom graphics, video, and images …you should be able to capture their attention for longer. This will not only keep them on your page longer, which is a good thing to improve SEO, but it will also keep your audience more engaged. Thus, will make them more likely to come back. And speaking of custom graphics, if you need any help with this, check out our graphic design services here. Promote Your Content and Get Backlinks Now that you’ve published your content, you need to promote it. To do this, we want you to go back to SEMrush and go to that list of people that backlinked to your competitor’s article. And, we want you to reach out to them via email.

Send them something like this: content ideas Hey, [whatever their NAME is], I noticed you linked to XYZ site and I have a similar site with a similar article that’s more comprehensive, you can check it out here (be sure to provide them with a link). Mine also covers 1,2 and 3 that theirs didn’t, which provides a much better user experience for your audience. If you like it, feel free to link to it. Best, [Your NAME] Now we know you’re probably thinking, “This is tedious work. How many times do I have to do this?” Although you may not like to hear this, the answer is you have to do this as many times as you possibly can in order to be successful. This is because the chances that people will link to your article are low.

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