Share Creative Briefs

You probably have no shortage Ivory Coast Phone Number List of ideas for content, as well as broader activities where content plays a role. Making sure you make the most of your time means prioritizing your most important work. One way is to follow what Schedule co-founder and CEO Garrett Moon calls the “10X Marketing” framework. The idea is simple: focus on the jobs that are most likely to deliver outsized returns. The things that make your results 10x better, not the 10% marginal effort that tends to get bogged down.

Small Team Meetings

This is not an exact mathematical Ivory Coast Phone Number List science. Following the spirit of this idea is more important than expecting your work to pay off 1,000%. From experience, this philosophy works. However, you’re currently planning your project (whether it’s one calendar quarter at a time, or some other method), follow these 10X marketing guidelines Once you have a simple creative brief, you now have a scaffolding to help your team structure the project. However, you won’t get all the details you need for every piece.

Plan The Project As A Sprint

That’s where team mini-meetings Ivory Coast Phone Number List come in. In these collaborative meetings, you bring your team together to get everyone’s input on the project, understand what they need to get the job done, and put all the steps in the right order. You’ll also get a time estimate so you can start developing a timeline for your project. Here’s how to make yours successful (it doesn’t need to be complicated; it actually boils down to a few bullet points) The next step is to plan the project into sprints using whatever type of software you use to manage the project (most likely a spreadsheet or specialized application). Let’s break it down into three steps

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