Showing Only The Top

showing only the top 3 businesses for any given local search query. And I’m writing about this now because, over the past few months, I’ ve been hearing a common phrase from our clients that I find very interesting. The phrase I keep hearing is “the top 3 local search results is the new So what are they saying?

How to pitch your digital marketing

business and rely on Google traffic from your local metro area, then I’m sure you’ve noticed some changes lately in the local search results which might dramatically impact your overall local SEO strategy. Back in August, Google updated their local search results from displaying the top 7 businesses, to now

Pakistan Phone Number List

your Google Places ranking For local search results, Google Places listings have become Google’s standard for displaying  control  – the top 2 search results are those of a business that has both a Google Places page and a local business website. carpet cleaner o– the top 5 search results

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