Since The Client Is A Law Firm

Since the client is a law firm, we Denmark Phone Number List focus approximately 20% to 30% of our citations on legal directories. Finally, we built 1 high DA 50+ authoritative backlink from guest posts. We’ve seen similar results from other clients who focus on building high-authority backlinks after the initial stages of citation work. High authority backlinks are powerful.

Add local business schema markup

A higher ranking in Google Maps Denmark Phone Number List always translates into more website traffic, more phone calls, and more business growth. Learn more about how we can help you build high-authority backlinks for your business here. Or schedule a free SEO strategy call for a one-on-one SEO analysis.

We recommend focusing on at least Denmark Phone Number List DA  Google search results. Under all other conditions the same as citations, the local business with the most authoritative backlink portfolio will always win in the Google Maps rankings. So, focus on building high-quality backlinks to your website to rank higher in Google Maps. . Citations play an important role in enhancing the prominence of your business and location on Google Maps.

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