Some Common Mistakes

I’m still freelance, but I really enjoy being part of something bigger than myself. I’ve noticed a major change in the degree to which I can control my day-to-day work: my projects are assigned, my deadlines are set, my schedule is tight…but I can give up full control to gain a community .There are definitely benefits to keeping my freelance work while working full time. It goes without saying that it brings in extra income, but what I found most impactful was my ability to continue to use my “freelancer” powers while employed – finding and marketing clients, negotiating rates, Deliver work, become a better writer, and more.

Freelancers Make When Building

Freelancing and independent Guatemala Phone Number List entrepreneurship are definitely skills to learn and practice, and I don’t want to weaken that muscle, especially since I plan to freelance long-term. Freelancing has  also helped me become a content marketer and strategist in our industry — not just a HubSpot employee. With so many different projects, time management can be difficult. It’s hard not to work all the time…the work/life balance is my biggest struggle. I love what I do, but that doesn’t mean I should do it all the time.

Customer Acquisition

In my opinion, writing is the most important part. This is the core of my business. Doing real work not only brings money (which is always great), but also proves my worth among clients, gains valuable word of mouth, and builds my skills and abilities, not just a smart one Logo and daily updated blog. Of course, personal branding is a way to build and market yourself as a freelancer, but I’d rather have my job do it for me. You don’t have to be as widely known as you need to be good at what you do .

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