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When hashtags are used incorrectly, people looking for new content have to dig into irrelevant and misclassified content to get to what they’re actually looking for. You don’t want this bad user experience to be associated with your brand, use Hashtagify . Hashtagify as a tool for Community Manager Hashtagify tool to find the best hashtag Hashtagify is a hashtag search engine. It is free and also provides you with basic analytical data. It allows you to find which hashtags are best for your content, you only have to insert a theme to access the related keywords and hashtags. Finding the best hashtags for your content Overview of the best hashtags Overview of the best tweets Preview of the best / tweets 5. Canva For you to add visual content to a blog post, editing and creating images and graphics remains the basis of your business.

Bitly as a tool for Community Manager Bitly, website for shortened links A new page appears with the new shortened link, with a button to copy it, then a summary of the link content, after the number of clicks received and an option to join Bitly. Bitly to get shortened links Hashtagify tool to find the best hashtag If your need is limited to shortening a link to make it easier to share, you can do so without signing up. But if you want to follow the clicks on these links, you will have to create your user account. 4. Hashtagify Hashtags are used to categorize content and make it easier to find new or related articles, but also to boost the visibility of your posts.

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For premium accounts, users have advanced features for social analytics, such as audience engagement, team collaboration, and security. They can even export more detailed reports than those natively offered by social networks. Social media analysis with Costa Rica Phone Numbers Hootsuite Hootsuite Social Media Overview / Analytics 3. BITLY So do you mind seeing long links with too many weird parameters? Or maybe you can’t remember a 30 character URL that you wanted to share? We offer you a solution: Bitly, this is a tool that allows you to shorten URLs. Bitly lets you easily shorten, share, manage, and analyze your favorite links on the web. How it works? Paste your link in the box at the top of the Bitly site page, to automatically shorten it.

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Hootsuite Hootsuite essential tool for Community Manager Hoosuite. A tool for managing and analyzing your profile on social networks. Many companies use their social profiles to provide special offers to their fans, to provide customer support, and even to give people a reason to come back. So when it comes to managing multiple profiles at once, Hootsuite can come in really handy. Hootsuite is first and foremost a social media management tool that allows users to schedule and post updates to any page or profile on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other platforms. When you create your account, you’ll receive a dashboard with tabs organizing all of the social profiles you connect to Hootsuite. Hootsuite Dashboard Hoosuite dashboard for presenting the different social media feeds More than that, however, users can analyze marketing campaigns across all social profiles without needing to individually log into each social network.

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Google Drive First, your work requires you to be connected 7 days a week. Google Drive is the ideal solution for managing your documents remotely. Which makes it easier to collaborate and communicate between team members. To start your activity on the platform, Google offers you 15 GB of storage. So that you can keep your photos, videos and documents safe.

The social media can be used for various purposes. Whether it’s social sales, content marketing or customer support. Social media also gives you the opportunity to reach your target audience and thus grow your brand. So the management of these media has become one of the main objectives of companies. Hence the interest of the different tools for the community manager. “Social networks give you the opportunity to reach your target audience and develop your brand. ” In order to ensure a quality presence on social platforms, it is important to learn how to manage them effectively. So Tek Inside gives you the six essential tools for a community manager.

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