The Best Practices Out Of Retargeting

This segment represents the people at the bottom of your funnel. Who are most likely to make a buying decision in the near future. Conversions: these are the people who visited your site, added a product to their shopping cart, and made the purchase. Why would you want to create an audience segment of people who have already converted? Well, that opens up some opportunities. On the one hand, it can help you be more efficient about. Where you spend your money by excluding these people from your retargeting campaigns.

However, you’ll also want to be more specific and create a few more targeted audience segments. Here are three more audiences you should create. Product viewers: these are visitors who have viewed a particular product or service page. This segment represents people who are likely halfway through the funnel. Who have expressed some interest in your offer, but who could be pushed further into the conversion cycle. Shopping cart abandoners: These are the people who visited your site. A product to their shopping cart, but then left the site without completing the purchase. We know customers abandon their carts at a high rate. In fact, two out of three potential buyers who add an item to their cart. Will leave the site without completing a purchase.

Launch your campaigns

The Mobile SDK works the same as the Tracking Tag, but it is specially designed for your mobile app. It allows you to automatically track and build audiences. Based on in-app behaviors such as whether a user has viewed a product. Reached a particular level in a Namibia Phone Number game, or purchased an item. It also offers the added benefits of better in-app conversion tracking. Allowing you to get a more accurate picture of your mobile retargeting performance. 4. Create four basic audience segments When you create an account in Perfect. Audience, an “All Visitors” audience segment is created by default. It’s a great audience to target if you’re trying to build brand awareness.

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In this case, the installation process can become complex, the website can become a little slower, and the tracking becomes difficult to manage. This is why it is preferable to use the Google Tag Manager tool to better manage tracking tags in an integrated way. 2. Connect your product feed If you have a product feed, you’ll want to connect that to your retargeting platform as well. This will allow you to dynamically retarget visitors based on the products they are viewing. 3. Install the mobile SDK If you have a mobile app, some retargeting platforms like Perfect Audience offer the option of installing a mobile advertising SDK. You’ll want to install the SDK if you want to retarget your mobile audiences.

Prepare for Success Using Ad Retargeting

Get started 1. Install the site tracking tag: this is the basis of advertising retargeting The very first thing you need to do is install the site tracking tag on the website where you want to log visitors. You’ll want to place this tracking tag on every page of your website as well, even if you intend to start small by retargeting just one audience. By tagging every page on your site, you’ll protect yourself and save a lot of time and effort by stepping up your retargeting efforts.

Best practices in advertising retargeting Posted on March 27, 2019by Tarik Zghinou | 2036 Viewsadvertising retargeting a very effective tool In this article, we’ll give you some tips to get you started and get the best practices out of retargeting or what is called retargeting. This list is by no means definitive – you’ll find plenty of other great tips on the web – but becoming a retargeting pro is a long process, first we’ll start with the recommendations below, then we’ll learn and will experiment with more advanced strategies as you become more comfortable with the concept.

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