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In part 1 of this series, i covered a number of important points about google’s. (aka phantom) quality updates. I have Indonesia Mobile Number tried to provide a solid foundation for understanding what phantom is and how it works, explaining its history. Its journey since 2015, and how it unfolded . In part 2, i’ll take it a step further by providing examples of “low-quality user engagement. That i’ve seen on sites affected by phantom. I’ve analyzed and helped many businesses that have been affected by google’s. Quality updates since may 2015, and i’ve seen many types of quality issues in my travels.

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Today i will try to explain these issues further and provide some recommendations. For sites that have been Indonesia Mobile Number affected. So fire up your proton packs. There is an ectoplasm to come. Back to school, back to algorithm updates first, a quick note on what we’ve seen so far this fall. September 2016 was one of the most volatile months in a Indonesia Mobile Number long time from an algorithm update perspective. We’ve seen a serious mix of updates since august 31, 2016. First, joy hawkins detected a major local algorithm change that many call possum in local space. This was combined with what looked. Like another quality update from august 31st (i cover google’s quality updates in this series).

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Indonesia Mobile Number
Indonesia Mobile Number

And to add to the already volatile september, penguin 4 was announced on september 23 (which start rolling out ahead of the announcement date). And if you’re thinking, “would Indonesia Mobile Number google really be rolling out multiple algorithm updates at once. The answer is yes . They have done this many times before. My favorite was the sandwich algorithm in april 2012, when google rolled out panda, then Indonesia Mobile Number penguin 1.0, then panda again, all within 10 days. But again, i saw many sites impacted by the august 31. Update that were also impact by previous quality updates. I also encounter a number of situations where the user interface (UI) was broke, content was block by UI modules, etc. This can be extremely frustrating for users, as they can’t actually read all the content on the page, can’t use navigation in certain areas, etc.

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