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Minimalism is in vogue. Especially for Albania WhatsApp Number List writers who just want to focus on writing, it would be nice to have a WordPress blog theme out of the way. It’s just the necessary liaison to get your Albania WhatsApp Number List content to the masses (or niche, I don’t know what you’re writing about). While simple designs are the trend right now, and you can easily find simple WordPress themes, Modernize is one of my favorite themes in this category. Indeed, there are many free (or at least freemium) WordPress blog themes, and many are simply designed.

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It’s not crazy customizable, but it’s Albania WhatsApp Number List easy to add some WordPress tools like social sharing icons and web forms if needed.  The coolest part is that the theme has built-in ad space and the ability to build a membership site. If you want to run a premium content website, this is a great theme to work on. Just want to get up and running quickly without too much hassle? Don’t have a massive WordPress theme budget? But for the most frictionless startup experience, I’d check out Striker.

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Of course, Public Opinion is also a good option for large content publishers. But it has a special design that seems to be most focused on magazines, and it has a very special look and feel. If you want another great option for mass publishing, along with great navigation and content architecture, Hueman is excellent. It’s very popular, with over 70,000 active installations, but it gives you enough flexibility to customize your site to your own specifications. Yes, you can use this theme and look totally unique.

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