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Since i noticed mindmeld’s lsa16 comments about the sudden increase in volume of voice search queries, i’ve noticed an increasing number of articles on the subject. If the attention given Thailand Mobile Number to voice search is any indication of its expected market impact, then this is going to be a big deal. Voice search’s potential to become a major search medium is well illustrated by the number of slides mary meeker devotes to the topic Thailand Mobile Number in her annual internet trends report just released this month. Out of 213 slides, mary included 23 voice search slides. And while the numbers on voice search growth vary quite widely, they all agree on one trend: explosive growth. Kleiner perkins caufield & byers 2016 internet trends report explosive growth and the reason for it at lsa 16.

Voice Search Thailand Mobile Number

Tuttle said that in one year (last year), voice search usage has grown from a statistical zero to Thailand Mobile Number 10% of all search volume. It was huge. Yet more recent numbers show that growth is accelerating – google announced during i/o that 20% of all searches have voice intent, while meeker’s charts show that in may 2016, 25% windows 10 taskbar searches are voice searches. Many attribute the growth in Thailand Mobile Number voice technology to the improvement in the speed at which voice commands are accurately captured. My personal experience with siri a few years ago was not good. I started watching one of matt damon’s jason bourne movies, but didn’t know where in the series it fell.

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Thailand Mobile Number
Thailand Mobile Number

So i asked siri, “what order are the bourne movies in?” his response: “want to order a porn movie? Here are the 10 adult movie stores closest to you. . . Fortunately, my wife heard my Thailand Mobile Number initial request. But it illustrates the point – sometimes proximity just isn’t enough. In 2013, google’s platform had a word recognition accuracy rate of less than 80%, according to meeker’s figures. A few years later, this rate rose above 90%. Baidu now exceeds an accuracy rate of 95%. Still, andrew ng, chief Thailand Mobile Number scientist at baidu, said there was still significant room for improvement – that 99% accuracy is a game-changer. He thinks 99% will tell the difference between people who barely use it and people who use it all the time.

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