The Launch of Kozel Beer in Italy a Multimedia Marketing

Admit it, those of you who have observed the tale wondered what a large goat changed into doing inside the center of Piazza Gae Aulenti in Milan. Well, it’s miles a guerrilla advertising marketing campaign for Kozel beer , released in Italy in April 2021. The ambitious aim of the marketing campaign is to convey Italians in the direction of the values ​​that made Velké Popovice famous, the village wherein the Jordan Phone Number List beer became born : hospitality , subculture and collaboration .


The Brewery’s Mascot Is in Truth a Goat the One Who Has Come

To be the undisputed superstar of the Jordan Phone Number List teaser campaign . To apprehend something more approximately her, but, it is vital to move to the significant location of Bohemia, 25km from Prague. Origin of Kozel beer Kozel beer became born in 1874 in. The brewery, founded by way of has always exploited the natural resources of the area to hold the unmistakable taste of the product. The symbol connected to the logo dates back to the length following the First World War.


Ringhoffer Realizes in Reality the Need to Distinguish Its

Jordan Phone Number List

Product with appreciate to the growing competition of the marketplace. The result is a strong and dark beer , in keeping with neighborhood subculture. Shortly after, a French painter who stays in that village is fascinated by the hospitality. The locals and the delicious flavor of beer and makes a decision to pay homage. To the population with a painting depicting a goat , which without delay will become. The Jordan Phone Number List symbol of the brewery. In the 1930s, the owners wanted to further consolidate. The placement of the brewery in a extra “concrete” manner: they decided, in truth. To deliver you a goat in flesh and blood , which at that factor became the mascot of the manufacturing facility.

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