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By luciano was the most unconventional and gave birth to adversity as a transforming. Profitable possibility with inestimable geographic freedom. Without being in brazil. Luciano left for geneva with the mission of realizing his dreams and seeking financial stability. There. He found cold. A lot of difficulty with the language and went through delicate moments. But it was this same geneva – the second most populous city in switzerland – that found his wife. Also brazilian. Also from minas. Who became a great ally. With his daughter to come.

He understood that he would need to learn the language and. To do so. He developed his own methodology. Later replicated in french classes for workers at the université ouvrière de genève. In parallel. He made the launch formula and took advantage of his digital marketing learnings to create and launch the product of a bodybuilding expert. After a lot of study and dedication. She celebrated. From switzerland. The great success of r$ 100 thousand in sales in a single day! Later.

He Understood

That his expertise in language teaching could also transform Honduras cell phone numbers the lives of many people around the world and. Together with hotmart . He has been reaching several countries and registering an increase in sales with each launch. Click on the video to be inspired by luciano rezende’s story and. Like him. Turn your knowledge into business! During the 26th and 27th of february we had the honor of receiving the winners of hotmart day at one of our offices in belo horizonte ! The action started during the launch formula event .

Honduras cell phone numbers

Where we recorded incredible testimonials from dozens of participants about how hotmart and formula could transform their lives in 2016. The authors of the two best videos with a day at the company would be awarded. Including training with our experts and a super tour. Gigi trujillo and helbert bello left inspiring wishes reports. As you can check here . The testimonies made us really want to collaborate in the transformation of these dreams into very successful projects.

On Thursday Night

We received gigi. Helbert and their companions at a five-star hotel. Where they stayed during the entire trip. On friday morning. When they arrived at hotmart. They were warmly welcomed by our entire team. They got to know our facilities. The sectors that make up the company and they already left for the first training session of the day. There were six consultancies with professionals specializing in various areas of digital marketing. Sharing their knowledge in order to contribute to the development and enrichment of our visitors’ businesses.

In addition to sharing an incredible day. On saturday morning the hotmartday winners and their companions were taken on a helicopter ride to inhotim. One of the most important contemporary art collections in brazil. Where they enjoyed an afternoon of relaxation. Get inspired by the chat between conrado adolpho and joão pedro resende 02/25/2016 by andresa carvalho reading time 1 min facebook twitter linkedin whatsapp “if the situation is not favorable. Change your position within the context”. This was one of the precious tips left by the writer. Entrepreneur. Professor.

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