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On march 1, behshad behzadi, director of conversational search at google. Delivered a keynote at smx Ireland Mobile Number west in san jose. This keynote has been loaded with information. From google’s perspective on where search is today and where it is going. In today’s column, i’ll go over some of the things i took away from the keynote. Then offer my thoughts on what the future holds. In short, i will explain why this means Ireland Mobile Number impending doom for the concept of “search field”. We actually got a first glimpse of this right at the start of the keynote. Google’s goal is to emulate the “star trek” computer. Which allowed users to have conversations with the computer. While accessing all the information in the world at the same time.

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Here is an example clip showing a typical interaction. Between captain kirk and this computer: behzadi also Ireland Mobile Number showed a clip from the film, “her. And noted that “star trek” imagined a future over 200 years away (the show originally aired in the 1960s), and “her” envisaged. A future just over 20 years. Years. Behzadi, on the other hand, thinks it will happen in less than 20 years. Google timeline a quick look Ireland Mobile Number at history will show us how quickly google has evolved over the years: 2 slides-page-002 additionally. The growth of google’s knowledge graph has been prolific: 2 slides page 003 another key. Driver of change is that we will continue to have more and more devices. To talk to at home: internet marketing device.

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forecasts as a result, users will become more comfortable talking to computers. Leading to an increase in the use of natural language in search queries. Another thing driving this Ireland Mobile Number increased use of natural language is the improved quality of speech recognition. According to behzadi, today the speech recognition error rate is down to eight percent, down from 25 percent two years ago. Note that for more than 30 minutes of his speech, he was continuously. Doing voice demos, and not a single Ireland Mobile Number recognition error occurred. The other major implication of moving to voice search is that it removes search. From the common practice of going to a webpage and typing in a query. Access to voice search should be ubiquitous and not. Require you to go to a special place to do so.


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