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The seo technology space could benefit immensely from the establishment of technical standards. Implementing Colombia Mobile Number google’s own specs is inconsistent across our tools. And can lead less experienced seos to believe their sites are in better shape than they are. Just as the w3c rallied behind the definition of protocol standards in 1994 and the standardized coding practices of the web. Standards project (wasp) in 1998, it is our turn to implement our software and prepare us for what is to Colombia Mobile Number come. Stop me if you heard this one. On december 4, i received an email from deepcrawl telling me that my account was out of credits.

Web Standards Colombia Mobile Number

That doesn’t make sense though, as my billing cycle had just restarted a few days before – and frankly Colombia Mobile Number we haven’t really used the tool much since october, as you can see in the screenshot above -below. I should still have a million credits. Deepcrawl-stats when logging in, i remembered how much i prefer other tools now. Noting the Colombia Mobile Number progress made by competitors like on and botify in recent months, i found myself bored with my current subscription. The only reason i still have an account is because historical customer data is locked into the platform.

Technical Standards Colombia Mobile Number

Colombia Mobile Number
Colombia Mobile Number

Sure, you can export a variety of .csvs, but so what? There is no easy way to move my historical data Colombia Mobile Number from deep crawl to on-page or botify. This is because the seo tools industry has no technical standards. Each tool takes a very different approach to how and what it analyzes, as well as how data is stored and ultimately exported. As seo practitioners, a big part of what we do is normalize this data across these Colombia Mobile Number disparate sources before we can get to the heart of our analytics. When it comes to migrating between platforms, only enterprise-grade vendors, such as searchmetrics.

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