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so that the user experience is not interrupted if the channel used changes. Strategies like this will allow your brand to get closer to the customer and maintain a more personal relationship with them. since you will be able to be present and respond to their needs regardless of the channel the person uses. In addition. omnichannel campaigns generate immediate communication between your company and the customer. Thus. the user experience will improve knowing that you will be able to answer their demands quickly. while you will be able to receive the user’s feedback and improve the service accordingly.

You will optimize the paths to conversion One of the main tasks of a performance marketing agency is to find the best way to reach conversion. This is the main Vietnam Phone Number objective of all ecommerce. the last stage of the sales funnel after a long journey of capturing and nurturing leads. If you hire a digital agency like this. you will be able to optimize your company’s conversion paths. Thanks to the use of the data and information obtained about our users. you will be able to design a precise and personalized route for them. Hiring a performance marketing agency means working based on results.

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By using specialized marketing automation. digital analytics and other tools. these digital agencies are able to obtain all the information necessary to predict specific results. promoting important strategies for ecommerce that lead to increased sales. lead generation. increased web traffic etc. Without a doubt. these are the great benefits that you need to bring to your brand to achieve resounding success on the web. It is impossible to grow and improve if you are blindfolded and new ideas are presented randomly. without any knowledge of what is really needed. Every company. whether on the Internet or not.

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Needs to know its results in order to move forward and stay strong in an increasingly competitive market. This information can become the pillar of the success of your company. which will allow you to create new strategies and solid campaigns with a higher percentage of success than the previous ones. For this reason. it is very important that you begin to measure and analyze the sales of your business. To do this. there are a number of KPIs or indicators with different data about the state of your company. If you want to know more about them and their importance. Keep reading this article that the digital agency Algoritmo has for you.

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What KPIs to consider when measuring and analyzing sales Leads generated. The first KPI we will talk about is the number of leads generated. As you already know. leads are those people who are interested in your products and services. Therefore. they are the main prospects to become customers of your brand. Leads come from marketing campaigns focused on their attraction. So. the best way to monitor this indicator is to investigate the data. Of the people who came to your company through the newsletter. Downloaded content. registrations for events and special promotions. Contact forms. etc.

This will allow you to know the number of leads in a given period of time. By analyzing the number of leads generated. You will be able to estimate the success of your digital marketing strategies. Whose sole objective will be to attract people at different stages of the sales funnel. Qualified Leads Another of the KPIs that will help your business grow is the number of qualified leads. These are the leads that have already been researched and reviewed by the company’s marketing and sales departments. Additionally. qualified leads meet the characteristics that could make you a customer. Given your profile and where you are in the sales cycle.

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