Tikor for Business Albania Phone Number

While Instagram is all about images. And Twitter is all about text. Tikor is focused on sound and video. This gives your brand room to explore possibilities. And experiment with various content. Without having to worry about how it matches. and blends with the other videos on your profile. Ultimately, Tikor is a very informal platform thus its marketing is too. Personalize your brand have fun. And be genuine to grow brand awareness and a following.

Engage for Engagement

As an interactive platform don t be afraid to engage. with other creators content relevant to your business. Or not  to increase your reach. This is a commonly done tactic Albania Phone Number by brands and organizations. On Tikor to increase their exposure and has welcomed a lot of success for many (such as the previous brand examples). By commenting on other users’ content, those scrolling through the comments of that video will likely see your comment, your brand name, and your profile picture. If your comment is fun or informative, users might take the extra step to view your profile and go through your videos. This is where high-quality content comes to play, you’ve gained the visit to your profile but gaining a follower depends entirely on the quality and entertainment of your videos.

Collaborate with Influencers


Albania Phone Number
Albania Phone Number

Influencer marketing has expanded over the recent years and Tikor can largely be attributed to its development. With influencers on the platform reaching millions of followers and views, there’s no doubt that brand collaborations can result in great exposure for your brand.

However, you don’t need to partner with high-profile influencers to grow brand awareness. As mentioned previously, what makes Tikor so great for marketing as opposed to other platforms is that even with little to no followers, content can go viral. Try partnering with micro and/or niche influencers whose current content and following fit your brand and demographic.


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