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Over the past few months, we have been working with a company call. Statec (a data science company from brazil) to design features for predictive algorithms. One of the first considerations Paraguay Mobile Number when working with predictive algorithms is choosing relevant data to train on. We decided quite naively to put together a list of web page features that we thought might offer some value. Our goal was simply to see if, from the Paraguay Mobile Number features available. We could come close to predicting a web page’s rank in google. We learn early in this process that we had to put blinders. On inaccessible data and hope for the best with what we had. What follows is an analysis of the data we collected. How we collected it, and useful correlations derived from the data.

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Data an initial problem was that we needed to access ranking data to get enough search engine. Results page (serp) results to provide a useful training package. Fortunately, getstat has Paraguay Mobile Number made this very easy. moreover, With getstat, we simply loaded keyword combinations. In the top 25 service industries with the location of the top 200 cities (by size) in the united states. This resulted in 5,000 unique search terms (eg, “charlotte accountant” from charlotte, nc). Our company, consultwebs, focuses on legal Paraguay Mobile Number marketing. But we wanted the model to be more universal. After loading all 5,000 terms and waiting a day. We got around 500,000 search results that we could use to build our dataset. After finding it so simple, we collected the rest of the data. I had built several crawlers with node.

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Paraguay Mobile Number

So i decided to create a feature extraction mechanism on top of the pre-existing work. Luckily, node.js is a great ecosystem for this kind of work. Below i list several libraries that make node wonderful for data collection: aylien textapi – this is a node api for a third-party Paraguay Mobile Number service that performs sentiment analysis, text mining, summarization, concept/keyword extraction. And named entity recognition (ner). Natural – an awesome natural language processing toolkit for node. This ignores what’s available on python, but was surprisingly useful for our purposes. Text statistics – useful for getting data on sentence length. Reading level, etc. Majestic – i start Paraguay Mobile Number by exploring their api through a custom script. But they delivered the data in one sip which was very nice.

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