Tyler Almost Quit Real Estate After 20 Years

Tyler was nervous about making the switch. But he was also exhausted from doing things the way he had always done them. Far from being a rookie, Tyler Ford, an investor and realtor for 20 years, speaks with a confidence and humility reserved for those who have been in the Afghanistan WhatsApp Number business long enough to know their strengths and weaknesses intimately. And as someone once said, “With knowledge comes power.” Another way of saying this could be… With knowledge of reality comes the ability to change. Or, better yet… With realistic knowledge of your current situation comes the ability to change your current situation . And if there’s one thing Tyler Ford was willing to change, it’s his current situation. By early 2017, after two decades of rehabbing, listing, selling and buying real estate, Tyler Ford was ready to step down.

Estate License

In college, Tyler got his real estate license. Almost immediately, however, he dove headfirst into home rehabilitation. Having successfully flipped homes, for over 15 years Tyler has continued to buy, fix and sell homes for a profit. But something happened. His 9-year-old website with a former SEO authority started falling due to competitors entering his market. The nightmarish stress of owning a repairman and relying on a healthy market for when the house sells gnawed at his soul every night as he lay in bed. And his love for real estate — and especially rehabilitation — died. Suddenly, like a missile impact, Tyler Ford was finished. But then he was not. Because he discovered the wholesale business. He discovers Carrot. He discovered the genius behind SEO and conversion optimization.

Old Website

Afghanistan WhatsApp Number
Afghanistan WhatsApp Number

Suddenly, everything changed for Tyler Ford. At the start of 2017, he was $20,000 in the hole. At the start of this year, he brought in $90,000 on just two trades. How Tyler Ford reinvigorated his business and made $90,000 from just 2 deals In his words, that’s Tyler’s end goal: freedom. Wait. In fact, it deserves a visual accent: FREEDOM Isn’t that what you want? Isn’t that why you got into real estate investing? Because you wanted to travel when and where you want? Because you don’t want to worry about the price of the ticket when you go out to eat with your family? Because you don’t want to worry financially about unforeseen but necessary medical expenses? In other words, because you want to do what you want, when you want, where you want and how you want.

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