Use Your Brand Voice

This type of visual content presents specific Lebanon Phone Number List concepts through images, diagrams, graphs, etc. The following is an example of a Lawn Starter. Infographics perform well on social media platforms Lebanon Phone Number List like Pinterest, where visuals are very important. You can create 30-60 second quick explainer videos, social media ad videos, or informational/instructional videos. A swipe file is essentially a set of examples to help your audience create their own content.

Distribution Dreams

Another great way to create video Lebanon Phone Number List content is to go live. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube all have live video capabilities that make it easy not only to create videos, but also to Lebanon Phone Number List interact with your audience while making them. Videos are often an important part of online courses as well, as they help teach content in addition to written Lebanon Phone Number List material. Not everyone learns the same way, and wrapping multiple types of content into one is really powerful.

Don’t Write Novels

Bonus: Videos work really well on Lebanon Phone Number List social media, especially Facebook. Online courses tend to be a core product in the content marketing funnel, but they’re still a great way to talk. If you’re considering creating information products in your business, online Lebanon Phone Number List courses are a smart choice. This content often doubles as marketing content and customer success content. It’s educational, but can also attract new customers thanks to SEO and social.


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