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Video Storytelling, adopt then captivate your audience! Posted on 21 mars 2019by Tarik Zghinou | 844 Viewshow to have attractive visual advertising In our previous article “Video to boost your digital communication!” ” , We talked about the importance of video in digital communication, and we brought up the concept of video storytelling as a marketing trend to highlight its aspects in a way that makes an impact. Internet users are bombarded with thousands of advertising messages by all means. So how can we distinguish ourselves from competitors and capture the attention of our prospects? “One of the techniques that brings us closer to our target is ‘STORYTELLING’. This concept makes it possible to establish a human relationship with its audience.

It allows advertising messages to be conveyed in a fluid manner, to facilitate the understanding of the most complex ideas, to create emotion, to seduce and to convince. ” The idea is to awaken emotions: to make people laugh, to act, to influence, to make people imagine or simply to  entertain. Some techniques for a successful story. This technique allows you to associate your target with your character “the hero”, by creating a bond of trust and empathy, try to answer his questions and share his ideas. The goal is to put the customer in the shoes of the hero and appropriate the same ideas and emotions.

Choosing the right story to better reach

What you tell your target is the basis of this technique, you have to tell a logical, pleasant and captivating story, while highlighting aspects of the brand and its values. The content must be of quality in order to be catchy and interesting. Adopt a simple style adapted to Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers your target, avoid intellectual efforts and concentrate on the emotion. A success story is one that comes as close as possible to your brand. Think about the continuity of your video storytelling, create suspense and feed it Every story has a beginning and an end, the goal of this technique is to engage your audience as much as possible so that they are with you throughout your campaign. You can therefore create a series of several episodes to follow up on your story. Once you grab your client’s attention, they won’t miss any of your episodes.

Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers
Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers

Discover our audiovisual productions of video storytelling – AGH Groupe, a printing company that shares its expertise, know-how and values ​​with us through its corporate film. – The story of Majid, a real student of HEM Business school who tells us about his decision to join HEM, a strategic decision that allows him today to be an actor in the job market and to achieve his professional ambitions. – Discover Hamid, Touria, Khadija, Youssef, Tigrou and Casper. They form the Mr Bricolage family, each one has its own character. Discover their adventures. To see more of our achievements, consult the Youtube channel of the TEK INSIDE agency

Associate the main character storytelling video

Do you have the impression that there is a new tool on the web every day? Stay connected to Tek Inside and find all the Marketing trends. You’ll want to speak to your potential customers with a clear, concise message. The best way to design your ads is to make sure that your ads are developed. With a clearly defined goal. Here are some of the most common goals retargeting achieves. Improve brand awarenessRemind your visitor of their past interestIntroduce new incentives to encourage conversionCross-sell or upsell of new products and services 2- Design your advertisements in an interesting and attractive way When designing your ads, follow three basic principles for capturing the attention of your audience. Be convincing. Use bold and attractive images.

Use a strong call to action. Give people good reasons to pay attention and take action. The experience by showing dynamic product ads As mentioned above. Dynamic retargeting is a very powerful and effective tool for marketers to personalize ads and reach interested customers. Make sure to import your product feed into your retargeting platform so that you can take advantage of it. The difference between a message targeted to a specific product and a general brand claim can be huge. At Perfect Audience, we generally tend to see a 2-3x increase. In click-through rate for dynamic retaregting campaigns compared to static retargeting campaigns.

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