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Visit your blog  start researching SEO. Learn how to market and share your articles. Attention is money. Advertise the exact type of people you want to work with. If you know who you want to have as a client, contact them! Or go to a meeting where you know they will be attending so you can introduce yourself. go out! I sound like a mom, but seriously – get out and make some friends! A good network is just looking for people with common interests that you like and want to hang out with and do business with.

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The number one mistake Thailand Phone Number List I see freelancers make in every niche is not knowing their money. Know what your expenses are. Know how much you need to earn to pay all your bills comfortably. Set a budget and stick to it proudly. Know what type of fees you should be charging in your market. Live within your means. Especially as a writer, you need to learn how to do all of this. 8a5eJ1 It’s important to know how much money you actually need in the world to meet your needs.

Thailand Phone Number List

It gives you strength. Having this priceless information allows you to do things like drop that crappy project offer because you know you don’t need the money or it’s not worth your time. This allows you to focus on work that brings you closer to your higher goals. On the same page, knowing that you need to fill (say) 8 article slots this month, or 5 hires on projects this month to meet your financial goals, will give you some very realistic work instead of Anxious and blindly running

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