What Is Marketing Automation?

In conclusion,Among the difficulties that marketers encounter: taking care of an emailing campaign. For better management of your email campaigns, here are some tips that should help you save time. First of all, you have to set specific goals for a good direction of your e-mailing campaign. Creating an e-mailing campaign is your opportunity to send a message. And to get the right message, you need to know your target audience. When faced with customers with mixed expectations, sending the same email would be a waste of time. It is therefore essential to respect each person’s interests, and therefore it is better to segment the contact lists.

The goal behind segmented email campaigns is to boost response to your messages by sending relevant, targeted content to specific people on the list. You can divide the list by any number of criteria, such as purchase history, age, geographic location, or interactions  with previous email campaigns to create engaging, relevant messages. 3: Reverse planning is a must for your email campaigns First of all, you have to think about setting up a sending schedule in advance, by defining the sending dates and the topics to be addressed in your emails so as not to have to think about the time of each sending. 4: Create a template for your email campaign It is important to think about a unique and user-friendly structure and design for any email campaign you send to ensure consistency across your different emails.

Segment your contact lists to act strategically

To find out more: How to optimize a marketing newsletter? 5: The solution is Marketing Automation to solve this concern related to your e-mailing campaigns Setting up Marketing Automation scenarios (which we have already dealt with in the article “ E-mailing Pakistan Phone Number scenarios: What is the benefit? ”) Allows you to send specific emails to each customer as an example : welcome emails, birthday emails as well as abandoned cart emails. 6: go for an email editor and focus on what you do best Email editors present a new technology that allows you to compose a newsletter in a few clicks.

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7: Use image libraries for one of the more vivid and visual emails.  To have attractive content, choose solutions that directly integrate a royalty-free image bank. 8: Create forms to build your address book for your email campaign Create forms to directly import your recipients.By the way, it’s important to put together a list of quality email addresses. Despite the emergence of many digital strategies, e-mailing is one of the most profitable marketing tools, it has the reputation of being an acquisition channel with a strong return on investment. ” The return on direct investment of email marketing actions is 3x higher than those on social networks according to McKinsey” … Come on! Launch your e-mailing campaign now!

Set goals and analyze your target before launching an email campaign

Segmentation: By analyzing visitor behavior. You will be able to define precise segments for your marketing actions. Crossselling: automatically offer your prospects products related to the one they want to buy.upselling. This consists of offering your potential customers products or services. Of a better quality or at a higher price.Measure the ROI.

With marketing automation and analysis tools you can easily measure. Your KPIs, in particular the ROI of your campaigns. In conclusion, Personalization of the site: according to the criteria. That you define you can personalize your site so that it is visible in a suitable way for your visitors. The best marketing teams use marketing. Automation to make their campaigns more effective, to equip their sales. Team with better leads and also to get a better return on investment… and you, what are you waiting for?

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