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Crafters is an interview series in which we Cyprus Phone Number List deconstruct the tools, tips, and strategies that top bloggers use to get a lot of work done. You’ll be walking away in minutes with actionable takeaways to try right away. Let’s dive in! Liana Patch is a Cyprus Phone Number List conversion copywriter who focuses on humorous copywriting (meaning she makes people say yes and laugh too). Additionally, she is the Director of Replication for SNAP Copy, which provides conversion-optimized copies on demand.

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When I write content, it tends to be more conversational Cyprus Phone Number List because there is more room to build that relationship with the reader. Don’t get me wrong, my copy is also great for conversation Cyprus Phone Number List most of the time. Started by posting ads on Craigslist for around $20 an hour Freelancer. Oh, the projects I undertake… I’m a very sensitive person, and it has its pros and its cons. Benefit: I can get into your head and see how you’re feeling and how you might feel. Oh, that’s a good question.

Cyprus Phone Number List

What do I *would* do? ? Can I choose another major in Cyprus Phone Number List the marketing field? Could be UX or UI. I like to make things simpler and more intuitive. If I had to choose something completely outside of marketing, I… God, I honestly don’t know. This question ruined me. Ok wait I figured it out. I want to be a cartoonist! Is this too close to copywriting? For most of my teenage years, I planned to be a cartoonist. Then I went to college as a studio art major and realized I either needed to up my game or change my major.


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