What Would You Do

Now that my content is better and more authentic, it’s a lot easier for me to research and write my content because I choose topics that I really have experience and passion for, which brings me to my last topic. A great content marketer only depends on his or her real knowledge of a topic. While it’s important to be a good writer, it’s also important to have the experience and understanding that supports it. I see too many freelancers taking writing skills and creative writing courses. Instead (or in addition), spend time and money digging deeper into your niche.

If You Weren’t In Content

If you’re a health writer, try a new workout Guatemala Phone Number List class, forest bath, or popular recipe. My project at HubSpot is very elaborate.  I approach each piece with a few key factors in mind: the audience, the Guatemala Phone Number List takeaway, and my experience. I always write for the reader, and I always include at least one actionable point. I’ll also consider how my personal experience relates to it, and if I don’t, I’ll find someone with experience.

Content Marketing?

I am passionate about thought leadership content and content driven by a first person perspective.  I am a perfectionist. I think that’s what makes me a good writer—both at a high level (creative concepts, well-written outlines, etc.) and at a more granular level (grammar, sentence structure and flow, format and aesthetics). It also drives me to deliver spotless content to my editors and clients. While it helps me a lot, perfectionism is not an asset I’ve always thought of. I had to learn how to screw up and accept failure in order to discover how to succeed.

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