When Shopping Online.

Than half the world uses social media. Especially after the outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020. when people were unable to meet in person. The solution was to turn to social media more than ever to stay connected with friends and family. In this article. we’ll look at the social media marketing trends highlighted by Marketo and how they will affect the ways brands interact with – and do business with – their customers. What will we see in social media marketing in 2022 According to Marketo. social media is no longer just a few apps with static news feeds and ads. New technologies have enabled engagement between

consumers and all sorts Albania Phone Number of different channels. See what are the main trends for 2022. video content According to a study by Marketing Dive. video ads have a 7.5x higher click-through rate than display ads. Audiovisual provides marketers with a way to engage with consumers with dynamic materials that can stand out from all the traditional static content people have seen for decades. Social media marketing strategies for engaging consumers with video content are rapidly evolving. For example. TikTok is famous for short-form home videos that are extremely popular with younger

Consumers. Other Channels. From

YouTube to Instagram. feature thousands of videos from every type of business imaginable. For
marketers trying to engage potential customers. it’s important to understand how video trends are changing and how your content can evolve to meet these expectations across your various audiences. Artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence (AI) allows computers to make human decisions without direct oversight. and marketers deploy this technology to help deliver personalized content that wouldn’t be possible with traditional marketing techniques. Chatbots . for example. allow marketers to “talk” to

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consumers about their products or services without the need for a huge human sales team . Chatbots are used to deliver personalized promotions. handle general brand inquiries. and even accept and process orders. This approach brings the traditional experience of serving a sales professional to the online store. only on a large scale. If

At Any Time of the Day. Influencers and Micro-

influencers According to Marketo. However, Instagram is home to more than 500. 000 However, influencers (people who have large groups of followers and are usually involved with a specific niche). Social media influencers provide marketers with a way to get their brands in However, front of consumers through targeted content. through a partnership. or through rewards to promote However, a product or service. However, Data from eMarketer shows that about 81% of influencers on Instagram are so-called micro -influencers (between 15. 000 and 100. 000 followers). They usually have a very active audience. but are generally ignored by bigger brands – which can make

them very interesting. economically speaking.  Instagram/Facebook Stories provides an opportunity to grab people’s attention at a time when they may not have noticed your brand. If your business already has Instagram followers. you can post stories to share information about your brand. Both are valuable ways to capture the attention of this large user base.

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