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Imagine you are building a marketing site to attract buyers, sellers, or investors. Is your website really amazing? Or is it time to close deals and move people Bahrain WhatsApp Number from browsing to clicking to filling out a contact form? Have you ever heard of a heat map? We’ll show you how motivated sellers and buyers interact with your website and how to ensure that more visitors are converted into leads as they browse. There are two main problems that we often see on real estate sites: 1) The website is a ghost town… not getting any visitors, and 2) Website visitors do not submit their information. The first problem is usually solved with SEO content when: 1) The website does not have good user-friendly content.

Your Real Estate

You only get one shot at making a first impression, and your website is that opportunity. In fact, it takes about 50 milliseconds (or 0.05 seconds) for people to form an opinion about your website that will determine whether they will stay or leave. Conversions are often overlooked when everyday people build their websites. Too often they hire designers who are more focused on aesthetics than results…these people need to stop calling themselves marketing experts because they are artists (most artwork doesn’t sell not). The following key points can help maximize conversions by prominently positioning your services so buyers and sellers know what’s available…including credibility that builds trust with potential buyers and sellers.

Leads Online

Bahrain WhatsApp Number
Bahrain WhatsApp Number

And the rest of the content that can help eliminate fears or uncertainty. Are you trying to create art or are you trying to get leads? When you set up your real estate site, it’s not about how it looks…it’s about how productive and successful the design is. Listen, I often argue with designers – so please don’t send me a bunch of angry emails about the importance of design… I know it’s really important. But honestly? It doesn’t matter if something is “pretty”, it doesn’t convert visitors into leads. Heatmaps are one of the many tools Carrot uses to test his web design theories. Heatmaps are useful because they allow us at Carrot, and more importantly you as the business owner who has entrusted your hard-earned money to our system, to measure the success of something on the page before moving there.

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