Why Is DNS Important

Living in a DNS-free world would require us to memorize IP addresses to access the content we want. As DNS is one of the cornerstones of the functioning of the internet. Moreover, memorizing the IP addresses of the websites we visit most often might not work after a while. Because when the Benin Phone Number owners of the IP addresses decided to change them. The IP address we memorized could no longer take us to the content we wanted.

DNS records allow you to protect your domain even if you change servers. Thus, it is possible to change your hosting provider without changing the domain names. However, when migrating to a new server or hosting company, these records need to be updated.

DNS, which enables us to connect to an infinite number of internet. Services in seconds by pressing a few keys on the keyboard or smartphones. Not only ensures that the internet is user-friendly. But also ensures that it runs smoothly by loading the content we want quickly and efficiently.

Why Change DNS?

When your internet provider first sets up your internet connection, it also sets up the default network settings for you. These default network settings include DNS configuration critical to your online connection.

But for most internet providers, the security or privacy of your DNS is not a huge priority. Which can leave you open to all sorts of security issues. If you wish, DNS-based threats such as DNS fraud, DNS hijacking, DNS poisoning What is DNS Spoofing? You can learn from our article.

Also, using your internet provider’s DNS servers can introduce some. Privacy issues as it allows it to monitor your activities such as searches and the sites you visit. Moreover, some DNS systems are slow and inefficient, which can reduce internet speeds. If your computer can’t look up IP addresses quickly, it will seriously slow down browsing. But speed and security aren’t the only reasons for choosing a new DNS server. Many DNS systems also include filtering to block inappropriate websites or other sites you don’t want to see.

Changing the default DNS settings on your computer may allow you to use a more secure network than your internet provider offers, improving your online privacy, security, and browsing speed. It can prevent your children from seeing inappropriate content. Also, changing DNS is a common way to access content blocked in a country.

Many tech companies make fast and secure DNS systems public for these types of situations. If you want to change your computer’s DNS system settings, you can take a look at the third-party providers we have listed below.

Whether you are configuring a desktop or laptop computer, a network router or an internal DNS server, when you set IP addresses as one of the options we mentioned; You instruct internet browsers, e-mail systems and other web applications to use such DNS servers.

When it comes to actually changing DNS settings, it should be noted that each DNS has its own advantages in terms of privacy and performance. Therefore, it is difficult to talk about the most suitable or the best option. After changing the DNS server, you can do an internet speed test to make sure you are using the fastest server.

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How to Change iOS DNS Settings?

If your internet provider’s DNS servers are not capable of providing data, DNS lookups will be very slow, so your browsing experience in Safari may slow down, some sites may not be accessible from the search engine, or some sites may not open properly. To change default DNS server settings on iPhone / iPad.

Entering a primary and secondary DNS address is functional in that your Mac will use the next one when it doesn’t get any response from the first entry in your DNS server list. To delete any entry, you can drag your DNS addresses or click the minus button below the DNS Servers box.

By changing the DNS settings, you instruct internet browsers, e-mail systems and other web applications to use the DNS servers of your choice.

Apart from the default DNS server provided by your internet provider, there are many free alternative DNS servers to choose from. For example, Google has offered its own DNS service for free since 2009, which it describes as an effort to make the web faster and more secure. Cloudflare and OpenDNS are also among the best alternatives for secure and fast DNS service.


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