Why Marriage Shouldn’t Be Run Like a Business

My good, good friend and obviously member of the Carrot team, Adrian Ne, actually boosted this episode of the Carrot-cast. We were on a team call about a week or two ago when we recorded this, and Algeria WhatsApp Number he said, “You know what, Trevor, I have a podcast idea that I really want to pitch to you and I think it is important.” We jumped on a call, and within 15 seconds I was like, “Man, we’re doing this because it’s so important.” You are going to hear massive, massive vulnerability from Adrian himself who is currently going through some big, difficult and emotional things in his life and marriage. You are going to hear from me with some of my struggles in my marriage and some of the struggles that I am going through.

Carrot Cast Podcast

Seriously, we hate to see people wasting tons of money on PPC – or anywhere else, really. But PPC is especially big business. In the fourth quarter of 2017, Google earned $31.91 billion , of which $27.22 billion came from advertisements . So they are doing something right. In fact, they do a lot of things right…which is why we err on the side of caution when our members use Google to create and manage their real estate-specific AdWords accounts. For example, do you think AdWords is designed to help you save money? Or is it designed to make money for Google? I think it’s pretty safe to assume that Google’s interface does a fantastic job of making money for Google.

Your Eggs in Google

Algeria WhatsApp Number
Algeria WhatsApp Number

It’s almost like they’re spending fortunes hiring the best minds on the planet to help them make money…oh wait, that’s exactly what they did. Google Built Real Estate Investor campaign example: 87 clicks and 0 leads over a three-month period So how do you beat them at their own game? Learn, learn and learn some more. AdWords knows the performance of its platform, but does not know the real estate investment industry. Google is a search giant, claiming at least 2/3 of all online queries. This brings us to the specifics of getting great marketing ROI for real estate investors through SEO and PPC: Even though the traffic may seem much higher elsewhere when each lead is potentially worth thousands of dollars to your business, do you really want to risk losing them to other investors? Consider spreading your real estate marketing online across multiple platforms.

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