Why The Way You Do Things

Unless you’re writing everything down by Croatia WhatsApp Number List dictation or with pen and paper, you might be able to make some gains by increasing your typing speed. Most of us spend hours a day typing, but we almost never see this leverage as a way to increase output. I’m actually a person who thinks with my voice, so I often take Croatia WhatsApp Number List notes through dictation or audio recording (which I later transcribe into written work). This can help you write faster, especially if you’re writing Croatia WhatsApp Number List a speech or even the first draft of an idea essay.

Prepare Like A Chef 

Set deadlines that you think are Croatia WhatsApp Number List aggressive but still doable. In this way, you will be under constant pressure and simply cannot procrastinate due to obligations. This is a technique Croatia WhatsApp Number List championed by Ryan Holiday, who is very prolific. like he said: “I find that my output depends almost Croatia WhatsApp Number List entirely on my level of commitment (internal or external). Think of it as inverse Parkinson’s Law. Parkinson’s Law states that a task will take your budgeted time. In this version, I’m assuming

Cooking Will Be Easier

This strategy comes in many Croatia WhatsApp Number List forms and names. Ouch. Almost every prolific content writer I know insists on outlines. At the Croatia WhatsApp Number List very least, you can rotate the title, introduction, conclusion, and some subsections that you know you want to cover. It doesn’t have to be very solid and very Croatia WhatsApp Number List detailed. But some sort of pre-arranged map can help guide you as you write.

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