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A client wants to develop a content strategy so he can rank for more keywords. But he’s not sure he can Algeria Mobile Number muster the resources to start a blog. Sound familiar? When budgets are tight. It’s often tempting to spend more money on your paid media campaigns; after all. You can see which ads and optimizations generate the most revenue each month. Earned media is not that simple. However, creating and developing blog content should be viewed as a long-term investment. And as any good financial Algeria Mobile Number advisor will tell you, it’s best to start saving early. There is evidence to suggest that investing in a blog today. Will pay off for years to come. Why should i have a blog. It doesn’t matter if your website is focused on e-commerce, lead generation, or self-service.

The Role Algeria Mobile Number

There’s what i like to call a “finite keyword set” that constrains you. Whether you realize it or nope. This Algeria Mobile Number concept of a finite set of keywords is driven. By the fact that you want to deliver the most relevant content to users at all times. By this notion, you would never post a lemon ricotta cookie recipe on your fashion e-commerce site. (or would you? We’ll get to that idea later.) Ideally, at the most basic level, your Algeria Mobile Number website should provide an expert level on your topic. This will help you meet google’s quality guidelines.

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Algeria Mobile Number
Algeria Mobile Number

However, if your goal is to truly dominate the serps and outshine the competition. You need to Algeria Mobile Number start thinking outside the box to expand the reach and depth of your content. Simply put, a blog gets you real estate on the search engine Algeria Mobile Number results page (serp). Which can provide additional touchpoints for users to discover your brand. By creating new content. You will inevitably expand your set Algeria Mobile Number of keywords. Although i highly recommend doing some keyword mapping.

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