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France’s most popular team, Paris Saint Germain, current Ballon d’Or team Messi, had an ad campaign to introduce their new all-star team, and one TikTok user jumped at the opportunity to compare this commercial with the iconic Pepsi campaign from a few years ago. Iconic Pepsi campaign revives; they compare it with Messi’s PSG It was the user araxworm who was in charge of showing the comparison through his TikTok account. With it, he revives the iconic Pepsi campaign. In the commercial for the soft drink company, renowned footballers such as Ricardo Kaká, Thierry Henry and even a younger version of.

Lionel Messi himself could be seen, all wearing a Pepsi shirt, facing a crowd of fans. These types of commercials, like those of the Nike brand at the time, through Ukraine Phone Number open shots and interesting lighting games, were in charge of proposing a pioneering cinematography in sports spots, which would serve as inspiration for future marketing proposals. In this case, a user noticed the similarity that this type of commercial has with the most recent one from PSG, a team where Messi plays in 2022. The video shows sequences and camera movements similar to those seen in the iconic.

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Pepsi commercial , which will surely attract the attention of more than one fan, both of the brand and of the team. This is the video shared by the user, which relives the iconic Pepsi campaign. LEGO, one of the most famous toy industry companies, now collaborates with Real Madrid. The agreed alliance involves the sale of a scale replica of the old Santiago Bernabéu, the mythical stadium of the merengue team. LEGO has previously worked with FC Barcelona and Manchester United to replicate Camp Nou and Old Trafford. LEGO announces that it is now collaborating with Real Madrid and has put up for sale a replica of the team’s classic stadium, the legendary Santiago Bernabéu.

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Real Madrid collaborates with LEGO; puts up for sale a replica of the Santiago Bernabéu The Danish company is one. Of the most important toy industry developers of all time. Recently, according to the block company’s revenue report, in 2020 it managed to reach 7.2 billion dollars in sales. Likewise, in the graph that shows the company’s income , he points out that during the last twenty years, LEGO has reached figures seven times higher than in previous years. Therefore, it is not surprising that one of the great ideas of.

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Nou and Manchester United, with Old Trafford). This is the announcement from LEGO, who is now collaborating with. Real Madrid The item bears the number 10299 and. Has already been put up for sale at the LEGO Store and on the official. LEGO website of each country where they are located. Merengue team would have the remodeled version of the. New Bernabéu Stadium, it seems that both LEGO and. Real Madrid have opted for the nostalgia

of the fans of the most successful team in European competitions. LEGO in recent years has been to collaborate with football teams, agreeing. To develop stadiums with the licenses of said teams (FC Barcelona, ​​with the Camp. B As we say. the CGC can be a comment on your Facebook fan page. A high rating on Google. in the ecommerce itself and even in a story on Instagram or. Tik Tok (and not necessarily from an influencer). Where they speak favorably of the brand and product.

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