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Are you recycling old content ideas from other blogs for your posts? Do you ever find it difficult to come up with ideas for blog posts? If so, you’re in the right place because today we will be going over how to produce unlimited content ideas using just one free tool. The content you provide your audience could make the difference between a potential customer choosing you or one of your competitors. But how do you come up with new content ideas? How can you make your content unique? In this post, we’re going to share with you one free tool you can use to find an unlimited amount of content ideas.

With this tool, you’ll be able to not only get new content ideas, but you’ll also be able to find top-ranking keywords for those content ideas. As well as a list of people you can reach out to for backlinks. And if you stay to the end of the post, we’ll be sharing a bonus tip to help you come up with even more content ideas. You’ve probably heard of the tool we’re talking about in other posts here on our blog recently and that is because it is extremely powerful. That tool is SEMrush. In the past, we’ve talked about using SEMrush to conduct a competitor analysis and to help build backlinks. But, did you know that SEMrush has a tool called topic research?

Looking For Some Content Ideas To Write About?

With the topic research tool, you’ll be able to discover dozens of topics that you can use for your next article or blog post. content ideas Simply head Belgium Phone Number over to SEMrush and select the content marketing tab. Then locate the topic research option and select it. From there, you can enter any broad topic which can be anywhere from 2 to 5 words or more, and search. You will now be brought to an entire list of topic ideas based on the topic you searched. Not only that, but SEMrush also provides a tiny report on each topic idea that includes the topic’s volume, topic difficulty, and topic efficiency. It will also provide you with the top 10 headlines for that topic and links to all of those articles.

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As well as the top questions that need to be answered for that topic which can be filtered to what, is, which, and how questions. Then, once you’ve picked a topic to write about, you’ll want to know what the top-ranking keywords are for that topic. So, what you need to do is write down your topic, then on SEMrush, go to the SEO tab and locate the keyword magic tool. content ideas Once there, enter your new topic and search. As you can now see, you’ll have a list of keywords as well as their volume, trend, keyword difficulty, and the average cost per click. To take this one step further, you can click on a specific keyword to get a fully detailed report that includes.

Get Content Ideas By Conducting Research Using SEM Rush

variations of the keyword you selected, related keywords, and top questions for that specific keyword By the way, you can learn more keyword research tips here in this post which you can read next. Now, the last thing you’ve got to do is… …find out who is backlinking to articles that share the same main topic as the article you’re about to write. So, scroll down to the SERP Analysis report and find an article similar to the one you’re about to write. content ideas Then, copy the URL and locate the backlink analytics tool under the SEO tab. Once there, enter the URL you just copied and search.

Now, click on the backlinks tab and there you will find an entire list of people. That have linked to that article. This report will also show you if the link is lost or if it is a nofollow link. We’ll get into what to do with that list a little later, but for now. Using this strategy is sure to boost you ahead of your competition. That is because, as you can see, analyzing your competitor’s. Content is one of the types of content marketing strategy that is slowly growing in popularity. Now you might be thinking. All of that information is great to have but what do I do with it now?” Create Your Content From The Content Ideas. You Generated Well, now that you have all of that information, it is time to start creating your content.

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