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We’ve written an extensive article Slovenia Phone Number List on how bloggers can best use Google Docs, but it’s worth reiterating: Google Docs is a treasure trove for powerful bloggers. First and most obvious, bloggers need to use a word processor, and in my opinion, the simpler the user experience, the better, and the more effective Slovenia Phone Number List the tool. This is where I think Google Docs beats Microsoft Word. Second, and more importantly, bloggers need collaboration. In my opinion, this is where Google Docs outperforms Writing is not rocket science. But sometimes, sitting down and actually working can feel just as difficult.

Upload Google Docs 

Microsoft Word, and where Google Slovenia Phone Number List Docs outperforms other online word processor applications. The collaboration aspect is unparalleled. Beyond the obvious, though, Google Docs has a lot of cool features like blog post templates (and a template gallery with many others, like client proposals and contracts): From students to teachers, from interns to CEOs, and everyone in between, everyone has a use case for Google Docs. If we can get rid of these time wastes, we can write faster and grow our blog faster.

About Google Docs

The basics of Google Docs, beginner stuff like setting up an account and sharing documents, is pretty easy. That’s one of the great things about Google Docs – the user experience is great, and things aren’t complicated. Then, as you become an advanced user, you will increasingly use scripts and add-ons, shortcuts, and more advanced use cases. But everyone can benefit from using Google Docs. I use it for everything, especially blogging (if you blog with it, you should definitely check out Workable). After all, there are many distractions in everyday life, from the mundane  to the unique work-from-home problem.

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