You are invited to choose to sponsor the child who has

Johana’s father abandoned her and her mother when was 2 years old, even with her mother’s belly. She is still pregnant with her sister. Every market day, and her mother would go out at 4 in the morning to transport the pigs they raised to the market for sale. Although the weather was very cold in the early morning .This did not hinder their progress, also said. I want to always support everything my mom does”. I will help feed the piglets, and I will also help my mother build the pig’s nest. I like this feeling very much, because I am with my mother. When we are at the market, I will help my mother put the piglets into the burlap sack.

Johana lives with her mother

Above all I hope to grow up to be like a mother.” photo credit: world vision lives in a dilapidated cabin with her mother and sister, and they work hard to improve their living conditions. When the mother was asked what she wanted her daughters to have in the future, she said, “I want to Kazakhstan Phone Number help my daughters have a successful life, and I will support them as much as possible, as god intended, and encourage them to keep learning. ” world vision when asked how sees her future, she tells us shyly but hopefully: “I hope that in the future we will have many big, fat pigs, and use my mother’s expertise to open a store specializing in pork. , to be a pioneer in this village. Mom worked hard for us! I believe everything will be better in the future”.

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I also like to work with little pig

You are invited to choose to sponsor the child who has been waiting the longest! When you transform a child’s life, you create hope for the next generation of the world.  The content of this article is provided by .Taiwan world vision”, and edited and edited by key review network media group.  matter what you lose. It Has Nothing to Do with Doing More o

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