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You’ll be walking away in minutes with actionable takeaways to try right away. Let’s dive in! Caroline Foresee is a staff writer (marketing manager) for the HubSpot Marketing Blog. As you probably know, HubSpot is a content marketing powerhouse. Marketing blogs alone get millions of visits and influence how the industry thinks about marketing. Caroline’s job is to manage the editorial calendar, write content, and manage the workflow for this blog.

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Before that, Caroline worked as a copywriter for a Cameroon Phone Number List digital agency, where she studied English and creative writing. In this interview, we cover some of her background and interests, and explore how she maintains high-quality and high-frequency content production at HubSpot. We also covered creativity, inspiration, and SEO. When I look for the “perfect fit,” I find that most of my research turns to blog posts. In college, I was used to storytelling, so initially turning to content marketing frustrated me. It’s hard for me to understand that readers of the blog post don’t have the time or energy to read.

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Content marketing is all about putting yourself in the reader’s shoes. I often write about challenges that I haven’t faced in my role, like producing PR campaigns. For these topics, I need to understand the dilemma a PR professional can face and how I can help her succeed. As a content marketer, I often handle tasks such as editing guest contributors’ posts, writing my own posts, helping internal staff post to blogs, and scheduling editorial calendars. It’s hard to excel at content marketing without time management and organizational skills.

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