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Hiring freelance writers is really hard, but possible and necessary if you want to build and scale your content program. I’m sure you have some tips of your own and I’d love to hear about them (comments, emails, etc.). But these are mine, and I hope they help you hire better writers. Allie Decker is currently a content marketer at HubSpot, where she drives content strategy and execution of pillars such as The Ultimate Guide to Branding and Beginner’s Guide to Structured Data (and more epic guides). At first, I didn’t mind the separation that freelancing brings.

What Surprising Differences

She’s also an entrepreneur, running her Ghana Phone Number List own freelance writing business since college (and continues to host freelance clients today while working full-time at HubSpot). In this interview, we cover Allie’s unique thoughts on freelance vs in-house content work, common mistakes freelancers make (and tips for getting and retaining more clients), and writing tips to help you succeed, Whether you work in-house or work in-house yourself. it felt more like freedom than detachment. But after 12+ months of truly independent work .

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I also like to do business. I grew up in Ghana Phone Number List an entrepreneurial family and majored in Marketing and International Business. After college, I worked as a recruiting marketer for a while. My favorite part of the job is writing job listings, social media posts, and paid ads for our open positions. HubSpot recruited me in April 2018, about 18 months after I started freelancing full-time.  You really never have ownership. Even as a consultant or long-term contributor, I’ve never been fully part of a client team or brand; I’ve never found myself immersed in the big picture, bottom-line strategy. with no co-workers, bosses or brand loyalty – I long for a community that goes beyond customers


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