You Have A Solid Online

Of course, there are exceptions, but most Benin WhatsApp Number List successful freelance writers start out with niches. The smaller and more specific the customer profile, the better. From there, you can scale out, but from an “I can write anything” perspective, it’s really hard Benin WhatsApp Number List to really differentiate and get business. Also, it helps to showcase something for your writing – some kind of portfolio. When you’re just starting out, you may need to do some free work. Yes, it sucks, but here’s a problem 22: You need to show your work to get a job, but you don’t have a job yet.

Presence On Your Blog

Oftentimes, volunteering for Benin WhatsApp Number List projects, internships, or writing guest posts for free can help in these situations. Now, let’s discuss some ideas for scoring customers. Figure out who your ideal customer is, and then find a channel where you can reach Benin WhatsApp Number List them. While there are some similarities at the broadest level, it will vary greatly depending on your industry and niche. In other words, industry meetups are always a good idea, but if you’re a real estate blogger, the type of meetup will be very different from a tech sales copywriter.

So Do You Need To Use

When you’re first starting out — heck, even Benin WhatsApp Number List if you’ve been around for a while — it’s probably the quickest route to customers. This is a great way to freely stretch out your tentacles without doing any cold abduction. Chances are, someone in your network Benin WhatsApp Number List wants to get some writing done, or at least knows someone wants to. If you are just starting out, start here. Include a clickable button in your email signature with a link to your writing portfolio. . In the example below, you can see how easy it is to turn an email footer into a self-promotion machine.


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