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When most people in the industry hear “quality,” they think of google panda. But panda has changed, especially since the last old fashioned panda. Update which was october 24, 2014. After Morocco Mobile Number that we got panda 4.2 in july 2015 which was a long and slow roll out due to issues techniques. After thoroughly analyzing this update, i called it a giant bamboo ball of confusion. Then in early 2016, we learned that panda was now part of google’s main ranking algorithm. And with that, we would never Morocco Mobile Number hear of another panda update again. Sad but true. In the future, each panda update would be prepared and then rolled out slowly (without google announcing the update). For example, here’s a great visual of ‘a site. Being impacted by the various quality updates i’ve picked up.

Quality Updates Morocco Mobile Number

And each cycle can last for months , according to google’s gary illyes. Therefore, it is very difficult to tell if panda has an impact on a site. This is a big change from panda of the past. I have help Morocco Mobile Number many companies with panda since 2011. And i have access to a lot of panda data (sites that deal with panda issues since 2011). Since panda 4.2, the only update that looked like panda. To me was the march 2016 update. And i Morocco Mobile Number can’t say for sure if it was panda; it felt more like panda than a quality update (aka phantom). So while many still focus on google panda, we’ve seen five quality updates from google rolled out since may 2015. And they’ve been significant. That’s why i think seos should be acutely aware of google’s quality updates, or phantom for short.

Impact During Morocco Mobile Number

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Morocco Phone Number

Sometimes i feel like maybe panda is doing this as google’s quality updates roll out. Since may 2015, i have been contacted by many companies. That have been by google’s quality Morocco Mobile Number updates in almost every niche and in many different countries. So, as google has affectedalready stated about major algorithm updates, quality updates are global and do not target specific niche categories. Since google rarely Morocco Mobile Number comments on changes to its core ranking algorithm, the following history is based on later algorithm updates that were logged into the phantom 2 in may 2015.

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